Slope single bed


A standard single bed for little people.

The Slope single uses Slopes unique slot and lock assembly system to form a rigid and robust structure.

Note:This product does not ship with a mattress.

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The Slope Single

The Slope single features a sloped head board for added comfort when sitting in bed reading. It has an optimised mattress height for little people and the distinctive Slope geometry and proportions.
Through considered design we have created a more inclusive user experience by enabling and promoting the end user (the children) to assemble the bed. In doing this, the children not only have a bit of fun and learn from the experience but they develop a sense of pride and take ownership of the product.

Note: This product is not sold with a mattress! I suggest 10, 12, 14 cm thick foam mattresses from  a well known brand. 

Mattress size: 190 x 90  (standard single)   picture shows 12 cm thick foam mattress

Mattress base height: 25 cm

Head board height: 56 cm

Slope-single assembly video

Additional information

Dimensions 203 × 103 × 56 cm

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